6 Things That Smartphones Have Replaced From Our Life

6 Things That Smartphones Have Replaced From Our Life- #Technocrats

6 Things That Smartphones Have Replaced From Our Life
6 Things That Smartphones Have Replaced From Our Life

This is the age of smartphones. Even a 3years old kid can operate smartphones… especially the touch smartphones! When I was in class 5th, I used to go to the library of my school and used to take books from there to read… Now-a-days, a kid of 5th standard is an active user of Kindle and read ebooks on app.

Gone are the days when we used to use phones just to send a text message or make calls. . . Now, we use phones rather, smartphones for so many things!

Yes, smartphones have made our life easier. It has replaced many things from our life and all for good! Here are the 6 things that smartphones have replaced… means, we use smartphones instead of these things!

1:: Camera :: 
Yes! Now, people hardly carry a bulky camera. Instead, they buy a smartphone with good camera. And it’s kinda good… It saves space and efforts. I do have a camera, but you see, it’s hard to click selfies from a camera! Hope you got my point.

2:: Books ::

Though, every book lover (including me) loves collecting/buying physical books but at times (especially, when you travel) you can’t buy and carry physical books. I have suffered a lot, because of this. And so, we use ebook apps (like kindle) on our smartphones to read books.

3:: Calculator::

Can you tell me, when was the last time you used a real calculator and not the calculator in your smartphone?

4:: Banking ::

With apps of almost every prominent bank, smartphones have made our live easier. Now, we can do banking (make payments, transfer funds and do shopping) from our smartphone using banking apps.

5:: Scanner ::

Ahh! It has been years since I visited a nearby xerox shop to get documents scanned. I use scanner app in my phone.

6:: Shopping ::

Mobile shopping is too much fun. You see, you can shop products from all across the world anywhere, anytime… using your smartphones.

There are so much more that we can do using our smartphones. List is endless… and but as I said, it’s all for good.

Agree or not?

Until next time!

Take care!image source: popsugar

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