Shahrukh Khan In His Edinburgh Speech

8 Inspiring Things Said By Dr. Shahrukh Khan In His Edinburgh Speech

Shahrukh Khan In His Edinburgh Speech
Shahrukh Khan In His Edinburgh Speech

OMG! He is now Dr. Shahrukh Khan! Sounds super awesome. And I am so happy for him.

Well, for all those who don’t know… SRK received an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, UK for his global recognition as a stellar actor all across the globe and for his philanthropic work.

Congratulations Shahrukh Khan! You totally deserve it.

Well, I heard the speech and I really found it amazing (yes, like always). His witty dialogues and philosophical thoughts are something that always hit me in a good way.

Here are the 8 inspiring things that he said in his Edinburgh Speech after receiving the degree.

– Hindi filmo ki tarah, humari life me bhi anth me sab kch thik ho jata hai… aur agar na ho…to vo end nhi… picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

– Don’t be bound by rules!

– Never ever live somebody else’ dreams

– Sometimes, it’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all the clarity in this world.

– Don’t become philosopher, until you become rich (hehe)

– If you aren’t charged up with ‘josh’, the fire in your belly… then don’t do it!

– Laugh at yourself

– Live now, live today!

AMAZING! I totally believe in all the things he said in his speech. And it’s always good to hear such beautiful words on wisdom from a man who has actually made his own way and is living his dreams.

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