Bookstores In Mumbai

4 Awesome BookStores In Mumbai That Are Must-Visit For Every Book Bug

Bookstores In Mumbai
Bookstores In Mumbai


As you all know… I was in Mumbai since a month. I had so many engagements, meetings and book signing sessions. And without any doubt, I totally loved it.

Still Mumbai-handover continues! And I just can’t wait to get back… (may be after Diwali!)

Anyway, so because I had so many book signing sessions I got a chance to visit so many bookstores in Mumbai. Though, I loved ALL the bookstores, but I know it’s next to impossible for you to pay a visit to all of them. So, I decided to list 4 best bookstores in Mumbai which you must-visit. And I am sure, you are going to love them all. I am not listing the crosswords, landmarks and bargain books in this list because these are renowned bookstore chains and people already know about these.

My list is kinda different but totally worth visiting. So, here goes the list-

Title Waves, Bandra (w)

Kitaab Khana, MG Road, Flora Fountain

Granth Book Store, Juhu

Search Book World, Colaba Market

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