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I am sure you must have planned outings and fun stuff for this long weekend. Even I have plans but different ones. As you all know, during the weekends either I go out for shopping or coffee, or I prefer sitting at home spending some me time and try some remodelling of my home. Yes, this is what I really love to do!
I find interior decorating kinda easy! (No-offense my friends who are professional interior decorators!) I just feel its good to give re-touches to your home space to make it lively and look fresh all the time.
But to make your space beautiful, you don’t need to hire an interior decorator or spend thousands of bucks. All you need is to be a little more creative and Voila, you are done!
Still if you confused (or scared to take risk) as what changes you should make and what would look good and all, here are my secrets tips on being one’s own interior decorator and making home beautiful all by yourself, without spending much!

Focus On Small Details:

DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Niche Pr/Homify

Isn’t this picture looks like a perfect bedroom! Yes, it is the little details which is making this bedroom look amazing. Look at the storage space created using wooden old crates. It is beautiful and inexpensive.
Cover The Closet, Beautifully:
DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Sian Elin/Homify
Don’t just use any curtain to cover/close the closet. Go for a designer net fabric which goes with you room wall color or may be contrast color, which looks designer and sober.

Move The Furniture, A Little Here A Little There:

DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Amory Brown Ltd/Homify

Little furniture items likes coffee table, armchair, bookshelf, stools etc can be rearranged easily. Just move it and put it in the opposite corner of the room or may be in another room!


DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Studio D. Interiors/Homify

Flowers naturally increase the beauty of the room. if you have artificial flowers kept in your room then change it. If you like keeping fresh flowers and try bringing different color of flowers everyday. 

Mirror Mirror:

DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Designs For Living By Claire Beckhaus/Homify

Mirrors have power to transform the room into a beautiful place. You can always opt for a vintage mirror or your old frame-turned-mirror and hang it on your favorite wall.

Try To Save The Space:

DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Liliana Zenaro Interiores/Homify

Always try to save the space! Keep useless little things inside in a closet or drawer!

Play With Colors:

DIY – Simple Interior Decoration Ideas | Image Source: Crow’s Nest Interiors/Homify
Colors can make or break the look of the room. Don’t be scared to play with colors. They’re a fabulous way to transform the house interior.
Hope you found these little tips useful! So, just increase the horizons of your imagination, play with creativity and decorate your interior by yourself!

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