Amazon Kindle PaperWhite – My Latest Addiction

Hi all readers! 
Remember that ‘Kahani Teri…’ tvc of Kindle reader? (Watch it HERE, its one of my favorites)
Since I saw that ad, I was really excited to try my hands on with this gadget. And since the day I got it, I am really addicted to it.
I own the Kindle PaperWhite 7th Generation Ebook Reader. It is said to be the first ever display with the higher amount of resolution and greater contrasting of touch screen feature along with in – built light and 8 weeks of battery life. Isn’t this amazing? 
I have made this Kindle PaperWhite the part and parcel of my life, Just cannot think without it.

Especially when I am travelling. Previously, I used to carry 2-3 novels with me. Or if not carrying from my library, I used to shop for books while travelling. 

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite – My Latest Addiction
 With Kindle, things have become easier for me. Now, I can carry my own digital libray with me. 
Perfect experience of reading in Kindle PaperWhite display can be fulfilled. The screen is distinctly visible in bright sunlight in its display. It also delivers the crisp and clear images.
 In addition there are 62% more pixels resolutions for better and brilliant look of each words and figures. Along with this the new hand tuned fonts of 6 font style and 8 adjustable sizes will give you the ultimate pleasure of reading.

Another important inclusion is the built- in Wi-Fi and 3G which gives the scope of down loading automatically from the cloud. With free 3G, I can download books and surf internet too, like wikipedia, dictionary or browser for free.

The time to read feature will enhance your ability to read faster and also will make you informed about when you will be completing the chapter.

The ability to select books from the massive collections present at a very cheap price with more than 600,000 is noteworthy. There are hundreds of titles of Kindle exclusive which includes the books of best-selling authors. 

So I have the advantage of reading, downloading and also selecting from the wide ranges of books in this new Kindle PaperWhite. I can chose any kind of books from travel, novels, fictions, drama etc and read it. The time to read helps me to understand when will I finish the book and till where I have completed. Thus the Kindle PaperWhite is a must-have device for book lovers like me!

And just in case you didn’t click the link I added for the video, watch the video here. Its really heart touching and my favorite, so far…


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