Order A Signed Copy Of VoiceMates Now!

Hello People!
As you all know then my newest novel VoiceMates is up for grabs now, I started getting queries from readers who wanted to order special signed copies. 
So, here I am… to assist you with this (again)!
By the way, I just came back from a near by courier office. I am done with sending the first set of signed copies. These copies were for the readers who pre-booked VoiceMates via emails and messages. 
VoiceMates – A Novel By Anamika Mishra Signed Copy
So, what you need to do is, send me an email with the following details: 
No. of Copies You Wish To Order:
Name of the receiver of this copy: (for personalized signed copy)
Contact No.:
Any extra demand: 
I will revert with the payment options and other details as soon as I get your email. 
Please note that due to high no. of emails I get, response to your email could get delayed. 
And yes, don’t forget to post your selfie with my book once you get it and do tag me in the pic! I would love to see your smiling face with my VoiceMates! 
Hope this helps!
P.S: Limited no. of copies available! Order now!

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