Love Poem: I Wish

I wish I was a star
To gleam your world with my light
To cheer, comfort and hold you
All through that lonely night...

I wish I was an angel
To live in your dear heart
To give it pinch and squeeze
When about to fall apart...
I wish I was a muse
To live inside your mind forever
To inspire you
Whenever you fall short of the right words...

I wish I were a fairy
To Sprinkle stardust on you
And guide each and every step
And make your dearest dreams come true...
I wish I was a princess
I wish I was a flower

To bloom and get nurtured with your care Wrap you in my mesmerizing scent Make your life beautiful with every moment we share... But I am just a woman I’m as simple as can be, But I can make you live in splendor If you promise to be mine...

I Wish – A Poem By Anamika Mishra

I hope you liked this composition on mine. Do share your views :)
P.S.: Please do not copy & use without permission.

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