Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day! Happy Monsoon :D

on earth doesn’t love rains?? Okay!! May be quite a few people find
rains irritating! (But me? I just love rains!!) Anyways, it happens that
people get bored and sick of watching rains. It is normal (or may be
not). But I have few interesting activities which you can do, when you
are at home on a rainy day.

Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Check them Out:

1-Your own film fest
you have some good collection of movies then you can start of with some
classics and go on. you can also bring pop-corn and some soft drinks.
2-No-battery games
There are several games you can play that don’t require batteries or you can go for board games.
3-Indoor treasure hunt
one set of clues for every player , each clue leading to the another
and finally to the treasure. Seal the envelopes marked with a clue
number. Whoever solves the clues first and finds the treasure will get
movie tickets, chocolate as the prize.
4-Fun tea party
your friends,family or relatives around. Wear something fancy  or
something ridiculous clothes you have. Set the table near the window.On
the menu serve hot chocolate,eggs,tea,muffins and sandwiches.Ask your
kids to bring their dolls and soft toys for the party.
5-Camp indoors
Create tents by draping sheets over the couch. Make it comfortable with pillows , cushions and sleeping bags.
most severe form of weather-based emotion is known as SAD (seasonal
affective disorder).  Arrange your environment so that you receive
sunlight and move furniture so that you sit near a window. This will
make you feel good.

image source: pinterest

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