Hey Guys,Hope you doing well. I am really happy with the change in climate, it’s so good! Gosh, I am such a big lover of monsoon. I see Praveen from Awesome Cuisine has picked a LG L Double Door Refrigerator so that he can make party through the year. Well, that’s a fab option. Speaking of which, my sister’s birthday is coming up in some days. She is a fab cook and makes totally awesome smoothies. All this talk of food in Praveen’s blog reminds me of my sister. Flipkart is one such place where I can buy anything.

As a blogger, when I think food, I think photos! I can’t help it. Over the last few years I have loved to pour over pics in the blogosphere and on Instagram. When I first heard the word “Food Porn” all I could of was YES! Now my sister is, what I would definitely consider a Master Chef in her own right. She loves to cook and what’s more she loves to make people happy with her food.

Collecting Smiles With Flipkart Wish Chain! #AbHarWishHogiPoori
Collecting Smiles With Flipkart Wish Chain! #AbHarWishHogiPoori | image:tumblr

Now, with her birthday coming up, I would like to make her happy too! She is turning 30, yep, the big Three O and my family is planning an all out bash. When it comes to gifts, I often wonder- what do you give to the girl who has it all?

Well, I’ve been racking my brains and I finally have the answer- I am going to give her the perfect set of memories from the party! I plan to take my photography chops to the next level by ordering a Nikon D5100 DLSR Camera. It shall help me preserve memories of her birthday party. I will click lots of pictures of her birthday party using that camera and will surprise her with a digital collage of her birthday party pictures.

I am sure, this camera will not only take good shots, but it’ll help me capture beautiful memories.  I can’t wait for my sister to have a beautiful party and I definitely can’t wait for her to see the collage I create with my new camera.

Earlier today I was checking just awesome video of Flipkart Wish Chain, what’s my wish? To see my sister smile! I hope she has many, many more years of smiling ahead of her and I’m able to capture those moments of joy and preserve them for those rainy days! #AbHarWishHogiPoori

Take Care!

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