Surya Namaskar And Its 15 Amazing Benefits – Must Read!

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We have all have the proverb of early to bed and early to rise from our parents and grandparents. But nowadays the busy hectic schedule has turned man into a machine which drives them to work for more than 18 hours a day. Only few hours are left to sleep and rest. 
We have also heard of our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who rests for less than 5 hours and works all throughout the rest of the time. 
So, it has become very vital for everyone to give at least half an hour to exercise and meditate. 
From ancient times the single mantra of fitness is the “Surya Namaskar”(Sun Salutation). The set of 12 Asanas which are powerful yoga postures to help in keeping the body fit and the mind healthy and active. You must try to do the Surya Namaskara early in the morning when the sun rises; as this has a positive energy to boost your health and spirit. 
15 Surya Namaskar And Its Amazing Benefits – Must Read!
The 12 Asanas of the Surya Namaskara are- Pranama Asna, Hastauttan Asana, Hasta Padaasana, AshwasanchalanAsana, Aandasana, AshtangaNamaskar, BhujangAsana, Parvatasana, AshwasancalAsana, Hasta Padasana, Hastauttasana, Tadasana; 
The amazing benefits of Surya Namaskara are as follows:
•    Healthy and fit body
•    Correct body posture 
•    Improved blood circulation
•    Improve digestion
•    Greater flexibility in body 
•    Increases concentration 
•    Boosts confidence
•    Mental calmness and peace 
•    Increased positive thinking
•    More energy to do work and perform better
•    Stress Reduction
•    Get rid of negative thoughts
•    Healthy mind
•    Better Immunity
•   Happy mood for whole day
The benefits of Surya Namaskara are numerous which can be felt and experienced once you start doing the 12 Asanas regularly. The difference in thinking, lifestyle, maintaining and answering to problems and queries are effective and proper. I have felt the drastic change to my health and the peacefulness in my mind after I perform the Surya Namaskara. Start doing Surya Namaskara and feel the difference yourself!
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