10 Dialogues/Questions That Makes A Writer Really MAD

It is a saying that ‘writers are from another planet’. Duh-Oh… Its wrong. We writers are from Earth only. And we need not to prove it. We do live in our own thoughts and world of fiction, but that doesn’t means that we are not logical. We talk logic and we understand… (may be better than a common person). 
Beware !!! 
In this post, I am going to share the 10 most common dialogues that make a writer really really MAD. And pissing-off someone is not a good thing. So, read these dialogues and never ever try to use them when talking to a writer. 
1- ‘So you are a writer!! That’s great. BUT what is your profession? How do you earn?’ – This is the most common and most annoying dialogue. And to be frank, even I have answered to this question a hell lot of times. But every time, someone shoots up this dialogue, it reminds me of a scene from ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge’ movie, when Paresh Rawal asks Ajay the same thing!! Ajay’s expressions were just FAB!!
2- When someone says ‘Steven Spielberg is just amazing… See how he came up with the idea of Jurassic park. Its damn appreciable.’
Gosh, somebody please tell them, that movie is based on book by Michael Crichton. It was not HIS idea but of Michael’s.
3- When someone who has just read 2-3 books, and starts criticizing writers like Chetan Bhagat, Paulo Coelho, Salman Rushdie etc.
4- ‘Oh you have written a book? Even I love to write and am planning to publish a book’ (No offense to the ones who seriously have discussed this with me. I am talking about the bugs not genuine budding authors)
5- When people who have seen the movie Baghban try to confirm each and every point of becoming a writer, which is shown in the movie. Example- “Did you also got an advance cheque just like Amitabh Bachchan got in Baghban?” Somebody remind them, it is just a movie. Not a real story of someone.
6- When any random person keeps on bugging you with questions like “Which software do you use to write a book?” … “What is your royalty %” … “How many books have you sold?”
7- “This career has no future. Why don’t you try going for MBA?” 
8- “It is so easy to become a writer. And writing a book, that is something anyone can do!! What’s the big deal?” 
9- “That picture in your book was really really beautiful. I loved it, seriously”
10- “It is the age of movies and audio books, no one likes to read books” .. It feels like – #TalkToMyHand 
In my case, all of these questions don’t make me feel annoyed… instead, I feel like laughing out loudly. Curiosity is a good thing, but testing someone’s patience is kinda unfair. Anyways, People please please take this post very lightly. Once again, no offense to anyone and there’s nothing personal. This post is something that is common with all writers. I have many writer friends and they all feel the same. Or even better- take this post as a fun!! 
So take a chill pill and just ENJOY!! 🙂 

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