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Finally, long awaited weekend is here. Weekends are always very relaxing and we just wait from Monday to Friday when will Saturday and Sunday arrive. But in reality the best way to remain relaxed even during the weekdays can be when you plan on weekends. Setting your time and performance accordingly for the tasks to accomplish in the weekdays will make you less hectic and keep you organized and systematic for the week ahead. 
Get over spending a lazy day, though I don’t say that you be more active and work all day just like weekdays but yes, if you really want the coming week to be more organized then you need to follow some cool tips listed below that would really help you! 
I am sharing these tips as I myself have experienced it. So, scroll down and read on!
What to do on weekends to get organized for the week ahead!

What To Do On Weekends To Get Organized For The Week Ahead

1. Maintain your organizer and jot down what things you need to perform and complete in the week days. I often write my scheduled conf. calls, events and meetings in my organizer. Its helps a lot.
2. Set the time for the tasks to be completed according to the deadline and the priority of the work
3. Mark all the important appointments, conference, meetings, events which needs to be time framed in the calendar so that you remain prepared for the days when to go for what purpose
4. You’re eating, resting and entertaining time should not be hampered for your work, instead spend time with your family and loved ones and take rest in the scheduled time to re-energize for your work
5. Plan the transportation, budget and the list of new investment to be undertaken in the week days as per the available discounts and offers
6. The dresses and the accessories which you need to wear every day for your office and workplace needs to be kept in the wardrobe one by one, so that you can just pick them and wear in the morning on week days
7. Go for personal grooming or beauty parlors so that you look perfect and glowing in weekdays
8. Plan your expenditure as per the need for the weekdays like fuel cost, grocery items, vegetables, laundry, etc. and other important homely matters which needs to be bought. Try going for shopping over the weekends. It will not only lower your burden of buying stuff during your hectic schedule in weekdays but it will also help you to feel good and fresh ‘en up!
9. Get some me-time! Guys this is really important. Take out some me-time and go on a short weekend get away. Every city has nearby places to visit for weekends, explore those awesome places and escape!
 The above points are sure sort ways of tackling the overwhelming busy schedule and hectic weekdays. Try following the tricks written above and I am sure you’ll be able to start your week with much enthusiasm and spark. 
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