Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon

Hey Guys,
If you have read my post The Moon : Beautiful, Romantic Yet Simple and Magical, you must be knowing how much I admire the beauty of Moon.
Moon, for me is one of the biggest source of inspiration. I can do moon-watching all night. To some of your, it might sound weird and to some, romantic… But it true. Not only this, Moon is one of the best Photography subject for me. 
I always try to capture the beauty of moon in my camera. Though, I really feel no camera on this Earth can do justice with it. The beauty of moon can’t be captured but still, I am always fascinated by it and I totally love to capture it whenever I get time. 
Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon
After a long time, I grabbed my camera and did moon photography. There are always different angles (or say moods) to capture moon. When Its a full-moon, you can capture it in different ways, like in the clear sky or with clouds or with stars. Similarly, tonight I thought of capturing the craters of the moon. You won’t believe the results. Even I didn’t believe my eyes at first. I am using Nikon L120 at present (since my old camera nikon D3100 got screwed up in a tour and since I bought this one, I always underestimated the zooming capacity of this camera, but to my wonders… it proved me wrong and I’m really happy with this)
Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon
Gosh! Look at the craters! This view is magnificent. To all those who don’t know what craters are… Craters are a hollowed-area on the surface of the moon (on planets actually) caused by heavy explosion, collision or any volcanic activity. Can you see the bowl-shaped depressions on the moon in the picture? Well, these are craters. 
Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon
Next month, I’m planning a tour to Nainital. I’m surely gonna capture moon from there if got a suitable climate. Anyways, ain’t these pic too gorgeous?
I totally loved it!


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