How To Be Happy And Beat The Blues? – My Secrets Revealed !!

There comes a situation in everyone’s life, when thing let us down. We don’t feel like doing anything. We don’t want to talk to anyone. We lock ourselves in a room at home and lay down on our bed thinking nothing. Whether it is because the mood swings or depression or heartbreak or a certain failure, feeling blue is really bad!! 

How To Be Happy And Beat The Blues? – My Secrets Revealed !!

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It is wrong and unfair to feel depressed and loose interest in things like talking, meeting, playing etc. Life is simply beautiful. It is too short to waste time in being lonely and sitting blue, but it is really long for those who enjoy every minute of it.
Today, In this post I am going to share some ways through which you can beat the blues and live a happy life.
  • Go for a walk, it really helps!! Evening walk in a nearby garden is one of the best Ideas to beat to the blues. 
  • Hang out with friends, even if you don’t like it…
  • Try going to a gym OR workout at home OR practice Yoga
  • If you just don’t feel like doing anything else, listen a good and a happy song. Stay away from sad and depressing songs. 
  • Watch an inspiring and motivating movie
  • Make sure you eat properly. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I know, we don’t feel like eating anything when we are depressed… But you ought to eat!! 
  • Eat your favorite ice-cream or toffee or chocolate
  • Join a club. It can be a book club, sports club or a just a simple talking/ discussion club
  • Read a good lifestyle, home decor, travel or fashion magazine!!
  • Remember God and say few prayers. It really helps
Hope these points work!! 
Remember, the most important thing is your feelings and your will power!!  

“Choose Happy. Believe me; There will be NO regrets, and it is BY FAR the BEST choice out there! FOR EVERYONE!!”

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