8 Reasons You Must Get My Fav Phone As Your Next Phone

8 Reasons You Must Get My Fav Phone As Your Next Phone

8 Reasons You Must Get My Fav Phone As Your Next Phone
8 Reasons You Must Get My Fav Phone As Your Next Phone

Heya Guys!These days market is full of so many smart phones. But are they really smart? Like either we don’t get good features or if we get good features then the phone is out of our budget and again, within our budget, we hardly get anything good.

But I consider myself lucky to found my fav phone, and that phone is none other than Zenfone 2. You might be wondering what’s so special about this fav phone of mine? Well, here’s listing 8 reasons you must get my fav phone as your next phone-

-Awesome Camera: Guys, you’ll a crispy 13 MP awesome primary camera in this with phone with 5 MP front camera along with flash. What’s a selfie-lover or photography maniac would need?

-Super Good Processor: This phone has 64 bit quad core Intel atom processor. This can help you play your favorite heavy HD games hassle-free.

-Long Battery Life: Ahh! This is something that everyone looks for when buying a smart phone. And best part is, battery gets fully charged from 10% to 100% in just 1 hour stays up to 2 days with 3G net on and all apps working.

-Killer Looks: Of-course, we want our phones to be classy, sassy and sexy and this phone is definitely one!

-Screen Protection: The screen of this phone is protected by Coring Gorilla Glass 3 which means, if you drop your phone on the ground, nothing would happen to it (until, you throw the phone will full enegry of yours)

-4G: Lovers of internet can use this phone for 4G too.

-Dual SIM: Ahaaan! Every one has a secondary no. to escape from regular load calls, and fo that… we carry a secondary phone with us… but with Zenfone 2, you don’t need to have a secondary phone because this phone is a dual sim phone.

-Price: Here’s comes a punch! We can get this super awesome phone between 13000 INR to 20000 INR which is the best any brand can offer with so many specifications.

I am really hoping that now you’d agree why my fav phone Zenfone 2 is better than any other phone and why it should be your next phone?

image source: flipkart.com


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