#MondayMotivation – 8 Life Lessons Every Waiter Can Teach You

#MondayMotivation – 8 Life Lessons Every Waiter Can Teach You

Visiting and spending happy time with your friends and family in a nicely lit multi-cuisine restaurant is possible when you are served the food and drink the perfect way by the waiter in service. The job of a waiter is really tough and annoying at times but then too we always find a waiter smiling and polite. I really feel bad for those who behave rudely with a waiter. After all, he or she is there to serve you… and if in case he makes a mistake, then one should try to avoid it.
There are lots of things to learn from a waiter. Here I am going to share the 8 most important life lessons every waiter can teach you!
#MondayMotivation - 8 Life Lessons Every Waiter Can Teach You
Charles Carter, Waiter at Antoine’s
8 Life Lessons To Learn From A Waiter:
To Be Patient:
The most important lesson is patient. Your waiter will wait as long as you want standing to serve or hear your orders. The tantrums of varieties of customers and each one have different expectations. Waiters handle all the queries and customer demands with patience to make them satisfied and happy.
To Be Polite:
The art of being polite in every kind of harsh attitude or rude behavior and keep smiling is what one must learn from a waiter.
Self-Control And Dedication:
The ability to control the emotion and anger for mis-behavior or mis-conduct from managers or customers is what waiters teach us.
Serving, cooking, cleaning tables, arranging plates, taking customer orders are the various kinds of roles played by any single waiter. Thus the ability of multitasking is an important lesson which is taught to us by waiters.
Consistency In Their Performance:
Be it anytime afternoon, evening, night, morning the waiters consistently needs to work and perform in the same devoted manner and serve their customers.
Showing Respect:
The customers are given respect no matter of what age the customer is or class or creed and this something that everyone must learn.
Team Work:
Teamwork and team support to undertake the varieties of responsibilities one by one is something that is very important for success and one can easily learn this from a waiter.
Timing of taking order, maintaining systematization of customer sitting, serving orders, taking payment, coordinating with chefs and cooks are to be done in disciplined fashion. Punctuality in performance of waiters is the key factor to drive any flourishing restaurant into profitability.
So next time when you visit any restaurant do not be rude to the waiters and be polite and try to feel their emotions and the hard schedule they are maintaining to make you satisfied.
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