16 Surprising #Space Facts That Will Totally Leave You Astound

Guys, as you all know science has always fascinated me. I am totally a science person and love to dig the facts about space and Earth and everything all around. Yeah, this is just the other side of me which is lesser known to people. Well, that’s how I am and that’s how I love to spend time. 
Knowing and predicting about space and its numerous features has attracted our imagination from ages. Various stories and facts related to space are made or searched to know about it. Everyone is eager to have the information and the evidences of the space and its many different things embedded in it. Here I am going to share the 16 surprising space facts which can make anyone proud and satisfied for being a tiny part of this huge universe.
Space is full of mysteries and knowledge to gain is endless, I really want you all to know some of the most common space facts. Hope you’ll enjoy this not-a-regular-stuff kinda dose of info. 
16 Surprising Space Facts That Will Totally Leave You Astound
 16 Insanely Surprising Space Facts That Will Totally Surprise You:
1.    Living beings are made from star dust due to the lost stars which had carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in it millions of years back.
2.    There are more than 1000 billion of galaxies which are present in the universe
3.    To rotate around the Milky Way the solar system takes 30 million of years
4.    Andromeda which is a neighboring galaxy is 2.5 million light year away from us
5.    There is 67 percent dark energy which are unknown to us, only 5 percent makes up the earth
6.    The universe is increasing in size regularly
7.    The sun consists of 99.8 percent of the total mass of the universe
8.    The size of the sun is million times bigger than the earth
9.    The sun is huge ball of fire
10.    The sun rotates in different orders as it is not solid
11.    The core of the sun is having temperature of 27 million degree Fahrenheit
12.    The solar system was formed nearly 4.7 million of years ago
13.    On equinox both the hemisphere of earth gets the equal amount of days and nights
14.    The sun rises in the west and sets in the east in Venus
15.    The temperature of the surface of Venus is around 800degree Fahrenheit
16.    Stars are born and they die each day around 275 million of them
The above insane space facts are really very essential information which will surely make anyone happy and feel lively to be alive in this universe. So just get your knowledge about space boosted with the above information and make yourself happy to be a part of it.
Ain’t these space facts really cool? Well, please let me know if you liked this science post? If I get positive response for this one, I’ll be sharing more on science like this! So, do let me know your views on this one 🙂
Awaiting your views!
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