People, These #Earthquake Safety Tips Are Really Important. Read & Share!

Important Earthquake Safety Tips
Past few occurrence of Earthquake in Nepal & India clearly proves that Earthquake can hit anytime and any day. It is one amongst those natural calamity which can’t be avoided therefore, It is better to be safe than sorry. Here are the most important Earthquake Safety Tips that you should keep in mind. Also, share this as much as you can. 
P.S: Prayers for all those who got affected in recent Earthquake tremors. 
Important Earthquake Safety Tips
Important Earthquake Safety Tips
When you feel the tremors:
– Rush out of the house/building immediately 
– If you can’t rush out, take cover under a furniture preferable desk, table or bed… and hold on!
– Stay away from wall units, bookshelves, glass hangings, chandeliers, fans etc. They might fall
– Stay away from the windows
– If you are on bed and you can’t walk, protect your head with 2-3 pillows
– If you are on the road, avoid standing at the shade of a building or wall or power lines. Instead, spot an open area like open park or something and stand there. Avoid standing beneath trees too.
– If you are inside your car, immediately slow down and drive your car to an open place. Do not hit the brakes suddenly. Also, stay inside the car until the tremors are stopped.
– Help oldagers while evacuating the building and complexes.
– Turn off your kitchen gas, geysers, water mains etc.
– Always keep a torch with you at night. Don’t rely on your cellphones.  
It is really important to stay on the safer side. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family. This article is in association with Nat Geo Environment, inspired from here
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