6 Reasons Why I Prefer Taking Flights Over Trains

Please often ask why I prefer taking flights over trains? Well, things are really simple. It’s not about the luxury, but it is about the convenience. There are so many reasons which will convince you to prefer flights over trains.
Lets have a look at 6 common reasons why flights are better than trains and why you too start traveling. 
6 common reasons why flights are better than trains
6 common reasons why flights are better than trains
1. Time saving: 
The first thing which comes in one’s mind for preferring flights over train is the time. One can reach its destination within few hours travelling in the flight. The tiredness and the hustle of trains are not experienced. You can use the saved time for other things like roaming around the place, visiting places, shopping. So flights are preferred over train journey.
2. Tickets availability: 
Availing for train tickets during the peak seasons is not at all sure sort. One has to be in waiting list with no guarantee of whether the tickets will be confirmed or not. But availing for flight tickets is easier.
3. Comfortable journey: 
The journeys by flights are much more comfortable. The well maintained and clean sitting areas are very comfortable. You can just sit and enjoy the takeoff, the clouds outside, the land beneath and can reach the place in very less time. One does not get tired in the plane journey. 
4. The delay factor: 
Trains are found to delay in arrival and departure compared to flights. Even the Ragdhani and Shatabdi reaches in late hours which can make one distressed.
5. Safety and concern: 
The fight journey is safer as the whole area of airport, take off and inside the plane have security and staffs who takes care of the belongings and people. You can call an air hostess during any emergency or medical support if you fall ill.

6. Food and sanitation: 
The flight foods are packed and are from registered companies. Even the toilets and floors inside flights are clean and well maintained. But the trains cleanliness and hygiene are questionable.
Thus flight journeys are now more in demand due to the low cost of fares and more number of flights availability and of-course, because of the common reasons listed above. 

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