5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight – My Favorites!

5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight
As you all know, last week I was off for a short escape to Mumbai & Pune for an event. It was a Fun, Crazy & Memorable Roadtrip To Pune with Indiblogger, Tata Motors & Wizcraft.

I reached Mumbai on saturday and You know what, Sunday was my cousin’s birthday. Gosh! We had so fun much fun. We went for a night-out and came back home at 3:30AM. Dee’s friends planned a surprise party at Carter road. Dee did cake cutting at the sea-side and then we all had a blast together. This is something about Mumbai that I love the most. When I was in Mumbai with my brother, I had been for so many night-outs that now, whenever I visit Mumbai, I had to plan one else I feel the tour incomplete.

5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight
And yes, please pardon for bad quality pics. Battery of my camera got drained as I clicked loads of photos of Dee’s birthday party… So, had to click all of these photos from my cellphone just for you all!! And yes, I clicked these pics at 2:30AM.
Mumbai is the hub of sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings which can be thrilling and exciting for any traveller who loves to explore the insiders.
5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight
Nightlife at Mumbai is busy yet happening and entertaining in unlimited way and one can just move around and see the many attractions and famous places
Nightlife in Mumbai can be experienced in the Marine drive which is said to be the most favorite attraction and worldwide famous tourist hotspot of the world. Strolling across the marine drive you will wonder how the beach is a crown shaped across the sea. It marine drive is also known as the Queen’s necklace for the C shaped feature. Marine Drive the Most beautiful place to visit when you are in Mumbai, it is a “C” Shaped road along with the beach of Arabian Sea. Marine Drive is situated over reclaimed land facing west-south-west.
Night at the marine drive beach is awesome and standing at one of the corner you can see the lights surrounding the shore of the Arabian Sea resembling the glittering and shining diamonds of a queen’s necklace.
5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight
People visit Marine Drive to see the sun set and to take the fresh air, Marine Drive is also Known as the Queen’s Necklace because of its view at night from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street light give the feel of the peals resembling like a Necklace. This all makes the Marine Drive one of the largest viewing gallery and the tourist most favorite spot.
After sundown everyone seems to head for Marine Drive walkway to get a bit of cool air after the day’s heat. There is plenty of seating along the way and it is an interesting time-pass to simply observe people from here. The sea air is refreshing and the views magnificent at night.
The Carter Road Promenade is another attraction at night which is a long walkway along the sea on the west side of Bandra which is a suburb. Carter Road, because of its sea-facing location is fabulous with the Rizvi Education Complex, located off Carter Road, has the group of Rizvi Colleges.
5 Awesome Places To Go In Mumbai After Midnight
Other places like Chowpaty in South Mumbai, Juhu beach in the western suburbs and Aksa Beach in Malad and Juhu is a nice neighborhood where a lot of movie stars have their homes. The beach has a center for chaat and other street food, don’t miss. Juhu Beach is located on the shores of Arabian Sea and is one of the biggest beaches of India. Though, Juhu beach becomes a little boring at night because all shops close down.
The Gate way of India which is the landmark which come first into mind if visiting Mumbai as tourist, it is situated opposite to it is Taj Mahal hotel. You can enjoy sitting here during evening or there are lots of travel agencies are available to go around Mumbai in one day.
All in all, I just want to suggest you all that if you plan a visit to Mumbai, you must plan to go out on a night-out at least once and I am sure, you’ll love it. 

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