Hey Guys!
Tell me how do you spend your weekend?
Weekends are precious as it is the time you are relaxed from the routine and regular works. But the weekends need to be utilized in a way so that the next week will be good and you are satisfied to work in the coming week.

Anamika Mishra
The concept of giving holidays on weekends is due to the fact that you use the time to re-energize your body and mind and get ready to work more concentrated and dedicated in the coming week.
The 10 habits which can set you up for a really bad week can be:
1.    Sleeping all throughout the day and keeping oneself stuck in the bed for long hours of weekends. This habit is a real waste of time and one has to suffer a lot in the next week days.
2.    Spending time gossiping and calling friends and others and talking all throughout the day. This causes waste of time for both the caller and the receiver.
3.    Going for shopping and spending time unnecessarily in the mall and super market just strolling around, which seems a bad habit as the time must be utilized for doing some constructive task, like arranging book shelves or cleaning clothes and wardrobe.
4.    Searching the websites and going through the e-mails and other internet sites for irrelevant topics. Instead if you love internet surfing then check out some websites that refresh you. Pinterest is really good for this.
5.    Driving far and spending time eating in restaurant all throughout the days. This habit can make you really tired and affect the performance in the coming days.
6.    Visiting and attending parties and occasions of those who were not so close relatives or friends. This can kill you with boredom until and unless you are not a social animal who can talk to anyone, even strangers.
7.    Spending the whole day in the kitchen, will exhaust you and your family members. Instead spend time sitting together and watching the favorite show instead.
8.    Spending the whole day in makeup and skin treatment will damage the weekends as you cannot complete the other important tasks.
9.    Spending time in watching movies which are repeated and boring in the television is a real bad habit which can irritate others present.
10.    Spending time reading your story book or novel all throughout the weekends can damage the mood of others who live with you, as they will feel ignored. This can ruin your relationship, mood and upcoming week too!
The above habits are really not very positive and must be controlled to remain happy with others and also to satisfy own self. Weekends must be entertaining and also planned so that the week ahead is not troublesome. So, don’t over-do 1 thing over the weekend, instead taste little bit of everything to maintain balance. This will help you to kick-start your week on a much positive note.

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