Getting Started – Pack Your Car For Road Trips !!

4 months and 8 road trips till now! Isn’t this sounds so cool? Yes, but now I am taking a break from road trips as I have to fulfill my writing commitments and have to finish writing my fourth novel. Also, preparations of my upcoming novel are going on so I have to dedicate time to that also!
Getting Started – Pack Your Car For Road Trips !!

But I know its vacation time and most of us think to visit to some of the most exciting places and plan for a short or long trip. Heading for a nearby hill station or a lovely beach can be very comfortable if you plan your trip inside your own car. As you all know, I usually go on road trips  and now, me and my family takes road trips like a pro! Oh yes, I feel so blessed to have such a cool family!
So, I thought this would be the best time to share my hacks of packing car for a road trips.
Packing car with all the required items and belongings should be very minutely done. You must not forget to take your most favorite DVD or CD drive to entertain you all throughout your journey. Take toys and dolls for your kids, or even color pencils and drawing books to keep them engaged inside the car.
Getting Started – Pack Your Car For Road Trips !!
Always carry handy bags individually which will give you the advantage of opening and taking out things easily without stopping or disturbing others while the car is on move. A separate first aid and quick relief medicines box with band-aids, Neosporin, bug spray, sun screen, scissors, tweezers,  Milk should be kept inside the car back end.
Large towels and blankets to cover should be kept under the front seat which will be required to cover in the cold and snowy weather.
Food items, snacks, fruits, soft drinks should be kept in the food basket along with napkins, spoons and plates to serve. Water bottles, coffee flasks, tea flasks can also be fitted inside the food basket. 
Food wrapping foil should be used to pack which will keep food fresh and take less space than usual tiffin boxes.
Beside these all the necessary items like torch, batteries, usb cables, small beauty kit having a face wash, talc and cream and mechanical tools along with extra tier and puncture-rescue kit  and phone numbers is very important to be listed and included during your road trip in a car.
Hope this checklist will help you a lot. Have a great road trip!

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