My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka

Hassan is one of the famous tourist attraction for the devotees and the travellers for offering prayers and spending relaxing times!
Heya guys!
Finally I am here to about my trip to Hassan. If you follow me on instagram, you must know that I had been to Hassan last year. Yeah, I know I am late in sharing about my visit and experience in Hassan, but nevertheless, its better late than never!
Staircase To Gommateshwar | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
Well, my Bhabi’s distant relatives live in Hassan… So, we had a great time in interacting with the locals and visiting the places unlike other tourists. We got to experience the local flavor of Hassan and trust me, it’s truly wonderful.
The neatness and simplicity of that city took my heart away.
Here’s what you can see in Hassan:
The Shennakeshava temple
The Shennakeshava temple is another very finest architectural marvel carved temple which is said to have been built for more than 100 years for its completion. There are intricate and magnificent sculpture everywhere around the temple and is said to be one of the most exclusive frescos of the century. There are designed and sculptured elephants, epical episodes and many sensuous dancers which are seen carved and intricated in the sculpture art of the walls of the temple. The well decorated and awesome workmanship in the pillars and the temple shrines is very attractive and amazing to record it in the cameras and videos. The Veeranarayana Temple and other smaller shrines are also worth a visit.

The Shennakeshava temple | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
Halebidu which is located 27kms north-west of Hassan and is17 kms east of Belur is another place to see. The temples of Halebidu are other very interesting things to see- they are all built to depict the richness, cultural heritage and symbolize South India’s tradition and belief.
Halebidu | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
The Hoysaleswara Temple
The Hoysaleswara Temple which dates back to the 21st century is one of the astounding example of the wealth and sculpture of the people of Karnataka. Another must watch are the wall drawings and carvings in the temple walls which have endless gods and goddesses, birds, animals and dancing girls in it. The two big oxen predicting Nandi bull are also the magnificent sculpture of art in the temple.

My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
Shravanbelagola and Mosale:
Shravanbelagola which is located 51 kms from Hasan is another famous Jain pilgrimage.
Mosale which is 14 Kms away from Hassan is the home to the twin brothers of Hoysala temples of Chennakeshava and Nageshwaraand is believed to be over thousand years. The Chennakeshava Temple has the Vishnu deity and is 6 feet tall. Shiva temple with a linga on a star shaped platform is 850 years old and is dedicated to Nageshwara, with the Nandi idol in front.

Shravanbelagola | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka

Bhagwan Bahuli Statue at Gommateshwara
is one of the pious pilgrimageand one of the favorite destinations of
all the devotees and the Jains who is travelling more than 1000 km for
seeking the blessings of Lord Bahubali. To reach the place is the 2 hour
trekking to get to the top of the hill. There are steps which are
carved in the hill side for reaching the statue and also the carriages
are there to carry.

Bhagwan Bahuli Statue at Gommateshwara | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
38 kms peaceful and quaint place of Hamlet is located nearby to the
river Yagachi and is believed to be one of the capitals of the Hoysala
dynasty. It has many of the exquisite and unforgettable temples of the
Guys, you’ve got to visit Hassan at least once in your lifetime if you want to experience our nation’s history and see how rich our culture is.
Mosale | My 2 Day Trip To Amazing Hassan, Karnataka
The city has all the required amenities with good 5-star hotels and food joints. Talking of which, I am really happy to know that recently Kotak Mahindra Bank opened its brand in Hassan. This means you can travel tension free without worrying about money. As being a tourist… you will always run short of money and rush to an ATM or bank to withdraw money. And with #KonaKonaKotak now become really easy to access all of these facilities too!
And yes, you can participate in the ongoing contest by Kotak Mahindra Bank on FB HERE to win free T-shirts.
Take care!

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