The Divine Ganga Aarti In Haridwar

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If you have not seen the divine Ganga Aarti in Hari-Ki-Pauri, Haridwar, then you have seen nothing there!
The divine Ganga Maiyya Aarti In Haridwar is known all across the world and symbolizes the removal of darkness and evils to bring light and truth forward.
The aarti is performed at the ghat (banks) of Hari-ki-Pauri and offered prayers to the river Ganga for its triumph, glory and its pure water which serves varieties of purpose for rituals, ceremonies and occasions.

The Divine Ganga Aarti In Haridwar
The holy river Ganges aarti  is the holy prayer offered to Mata Ganga. ‘Aarti‘ word is taken from the Sanskrit language which means remover of darkness (ignorance). 
Ganga– a divine and caring mother who rushes out of the Himalayas and is the giver of life,carrying all purity, bliss and liberation in her waters. Ganga is nectar of life and liberation. Each evening as the sun’s last rays reflect off the boundless waters of Mother Ganga, people gather for the Divine Ganga Maiyya Aarti. This divine light ceremony is filled with the song, prayer, ritual and intense sense of divine. The beautiful ceremony in which diyas (oil lamps) are offered to God. 
Haridwar & Rishikesh Diaries – Part 2 – The Divine Ganga Maiyya Aarti
Ganga Aarti is done twice a day every evening- Morning at sunrise and evening at sunset. Timing is different in summer and winter according to sunset and sunrise timings. Evening Ganga Aarti is more famous. Ganga Aarti has two parts. First part it is offered to the river ganga to get her blessing. Offerings are done with the backgrouds of live chants in Sankrit language. 
After short break of 5 mins after offering the second part starts which is Hindi Aarti song for River Ganga. The priest also light the Big Diyas with multiple lights during this song. These diyas are waved in clock wise direction towards River Ganga and asked for her blessings.
It is truly a heart touching and enlightening experience. I strongly recommend you to visit and attend the ritual at least once, and I am sure, you’ll love it.

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