The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide For All Of YOU!

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For All Of YOU!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Sometimes I really don’t realize how far I have gone in my life. See it was just the start of 2015 and now it Feb. Time is running little faster or I am little late don’t know, whatever. I am excited for the Valentine’s day. Yes its Feb, month of love and affection. When just few days are left for 14 February, I decided to share this little Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that will really help all of you, whether guys or girls.

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide For All Of YOU!
The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For All Of YOU | image:tumblr

But I think, this post will be more exciting especially for you girls. I was browsing different sites to buy some gifts for my loved ones, and I realized lets surprise every one with some lovely adorable and personalized valentine’s day gifts . We can gift luxuries on other occasion no? Let’s spread love irrespective of the cost of item.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him/Her

I have decided to gift my friends, my sis and mom. So I have arranged all the possible gift ideas in this post. You can also find it helpful if you want to gift your soul mates too.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift for him/her or the perfect token of love for her? Look no further than here to find the perfect present.

I am starting with the ones which you can buy online or from shops too.

1. Personalised Mugs:

These mugs are gaining quite huge popularity these days, I have gifted them to couple of my friends before. They are cute and affordable. They ranges from 350INR to 1500INR and so on. You can choose the message which you want to imprint but this will cost you little more. If you want it budget friendly you can go for the predefined messages. These mugs even change their colour when you pour something cold or hot in it. They are super cute and sexy you will find them on any leading online shops or archies.

2. Photo-frames:

These are best option for gifting you besties, I mean photo frames do nothing but the photo inside it does everything. They are cheap and beautiful.

3. Teddy bear:

Well these days we celebrate the whole week as valentine week in which one day is for teddy. You can gift it on that day or simply on the Vday. I love teddy and I can never get over from it. This option is valid for the girls only I guess 😛

4. Key Chains:

I have seen some really cute and funky key chains and I think this time I will buy bunch of them for my bestie. You can go for the named key chains, there are several companies which imprint the desired name on the key chain.

5. Jewellery:

Well this something which may not fit in budget for many. But I think it is best gift option for your wife or husband. Go for the rings, pendant, watches etc. TITAN has got really elegant collection for ladies. Diamonds and gold will be just perfect to celebrate love with your soul mate.

6. Chocolates:

Yes yes how can I forget this? I mean love is incomplete without chocolate :p this is my definition of love { LOL}. But I feel that gifting only chocolates is a bad idea unless you have bought them from abroad. Chocolates are must but only chocolates may disappoint a bit.

7. Flowers:

They are the best to express your feelings. Red roses will be perfect. Go for it.

8. T-shirts:

Yes now you can order a t-shirt which has printing which you have decided. You can print anything starting from I LOVE YOU CUTIE-PIE to hearts and bows.

Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Now here are some DIYs and Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas:


You can make love cards by your own. You will find tutorials very easily on the internet. You can innovate by yourself too. I had think of using some bright coloured ribbons say orange, red yellow and pink. Few paper cuttings in flowers and leaf shapes and more little stuffs like paint and brushes. You can use anything to make your card look beautiful and alluring. The best part of the card is you can make it just like what you want how you want. You can write few lines or a whole letter inside it. It will be solely your decision.

2. Picture Collage:

You can make a collage if you have some pics of both of you. You can also opt for only his/her pics if you don’t want any issues at his/her home *Wink

Useful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

Now here are some more tips for gifting

1. Book of her/his favorite writer

2. Handbags, Belts, Wallet

3. Sandals (opt only if you know the size perfectly of your lady love)

4. Cellphone/Tablet/Laptop

5. Beauty Boxes/ Grooming Boxes

6. Phone charger/ Power Banks/ Bluetooth Keyboards/Smart Watched ( specially for boys)

Hope you all find it helpful, waiting for the day to gift and to get gifts!!


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