#KhudKoKarBuland : We can’t plan life, but we can plan happiness!
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#KhudKoKarBuland : We can’t plan life, but we can plan happiness!

#KhudKoKarBuland : We can’t plan life, but we can plan happiness!
#KhudKoKarBuland : We can’t plan life, but we can plan happiness!

Life is truly unpredictable. We can not predict what is going to happen next. We often plan things, but when life throws some unpleasing surprises, all our plans seems to be going in vain.

Then what shall we do? The only thing is left is sit down and regret! But is this the only solution to deal with life?


There’s one way in which we can surely plan our lives and happiness!

“Khud ko kar buland, ke zindagi ka har pal teyohaar ki tarah beetein!

Khud ko kar buland, ke zindagi ki har mushkil ka saamna karne ka hausla mile!”

-Anamika Mishra

Have a look at the video below, and I am sure you will understand what I am trying to say! This beautiful video conveys a strong message that you can begin planning at any moment of your life and help your loved ones to live life in happiness.

Yes! You got it right? The only way to plan happiness is to secure your future. The best way to secure future is to get a good life insurance. And when we are talking about life insurance, we ought to talk about Birla Sun Life Insurance.

You can accomplish your goals, you can follow your passions and you can chase your dreams when you have a secure hand upon you. You can make yourself strong and go forth fearlessly when you have secured your future. This is what Birla Sun Life Insurance believes in, Khud ko kar buland (make yourself strong) so that you can step ahead towards the unpredictable future with confidence and passion. Khud ko kar buland, so that you can help your loved ones to fight with harsh and lone moments of life. Khud ko kar buland, so that your loved ones does not have to face difficulty in accomplishing their dreams and goals.

Yes, you cannot predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. No one can! But we can not let this unpredictability of life ruin our hopes and dreams.

So, Apno ko… Apne sapno ko karo surakshit! Birla sun life… Khud ko kar buland.

Image source: Birla sun life

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