Princess Lullaby – An Enchanting, Fun & Challenging Android Puzzle Game

Princess Lullaby – An Enchanting, Fun & Challenging Android Puzzle Game
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How many of you own android phones or tablets? If you have one, just like me… I am sure you must have tried lots of Android games in order to kill time and keep yourself engaged during leisure. Though, candy crush, temple run, angry birds, etc. are some of the most played common games. To tell you all frankly, I got bored of these games and uninstalled them all. 
I have started exploring new and fun games to play, that are different and have something new to try. Then I came across this enchanting fun and exciting game called PRINCESS LULLABY.
Princess Lullaby – An Enchanting, Fun & Challenging Android Puzzle Game

Of all the categories of games, I love to play games from puzzle, arcade, board, trivia and simulation category. Princess Lullaby is of puzzle category. 
If you like playing puzzle games, you are surely going to love it. 
Here’s the plot of the game. 

Since early childhood Princess Lullaby has loved listening to stories
about magical artifacts even though their whole mystery was never
explained to her. Having always been adventurous she sets out to find
the Blue Magic Pearl and to discover its magic powers upon turning

When her family learns of the princess’ plan, they all
become worried. They try to talk her out of going to Castle
Eldritchmont, where the Blue Magic Pearl is kept, and warn her about the
castle’s dangers. But Princess Lullaby refuses to listen so before her
departure, her mother teaches her the secret of spawning magic traps to
help the princess on her journey. Hopefully she masters it quickly to
help her on her quest.

When Princess Lullaby sets her eyes on
Castle Eldritchmont for the first time her magical journey begins and
she slowly turns into one of the greatest adventuress of all time.

challenges will the princess encounter inside Castle Eldritchmont? Will
she posses the wisdom to solve them and to reach her goal? Help her on
her way to find the Blue Magic Pearl and stand by her side during her

(Plot of game, text source)

Princess Lullaby – An Enchanting, Fun & Challenging Android Puzzle Game

Isn’t this plot jut like a fantasy story. Just like its plot, the game is interesting too.It has 50+ mind-blowing and enchanting levels with 5 different princess costumes and achievements. It has wonderful graphics and mesmerizing music that will surely help you in maintaining your interest in game.

The game might seem easy to you but it is really very difficult to master all the levels.

You can get your Princess Lullaby game from Google Play Store HERE for your android phones and tablets.

If you want to try this game first before purchasing the full version, then you can download free version of Princess Lullaby HERE. But, this free version only has 7 levels. To play ahead the 7th level, you will have to download the full version. But I am sure, buying full version is totally worth every single penny and time of yours

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab this super fun android puzzle game right away!

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