Playing Two Roles, Being An Author & A Blogger

It is said, ‘variety is the spice of life!’ I totally agree with this fact. Regular and single options really makes the life boring and dull. Following routines and doing same stuff every time is something that I hate the most. People often ask me what actually I do professionally. Am I an author OR a blogger? One of my friend even said that authors can’t be fashion and lifestyle blogger. They can only write fictional stories and poems. 
I did not respond to this shallow comment of that ‘Friend’! I did not feel like explaining things rather I choose to prove him things. I asked him to open my blog and read my posts. And after reading few of my articles, he was like ‘Oh! You write so well! I am sorry I made that comment. You are breaking the code of author’s image!’
Anamika Mishra – Author & Blogger
Here comes another statement worth debate. What’s the code of author’s image? Is it that whenever you hear the word ‘writer’ or ‘author’ the image you get in your mind is a boy wearing a khadi kurta with jute bag and glasses or a girl wearing a saree , holding a tote bag and all with almost no fashion sense and boring looks. 
Well, I can say up to some extinct its true. And I love it when people look at me surprisingly that I am an author with not-so-boring-looks and fashion, lifestyle & travel blogging as my second profession. I feel really content and satisfied that I can follow my heart in writing stories and exploring new and fun stuff for blogging. Also, I can follow my travel obsession and photography passion with blogging too.
I feel proud in saying that I can’t be limited by one label. I am an Author AND a Blogger and I totally love playing these two (totally) different roles in my profession. I truly believe that one should go for that profession which gives you a content feeling and a room to chase your dreams and follow your passion!
I don’t regret of my decision of quitting my job in TOI & Radio station, because today I am doing what I love and I can follow my passion  being in this profession. How about you?
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