Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT
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All Good Scents Radiant Review (Perfume)

 Hows this week treating you? Just 2 days have passed and I am already missing weekend. This week is really busy. Meetings, conference calls, write-ups, endorsements, hauls etc. + there’s a wedding of my uncle on 12th of this month, all of these are keeping me super busy.Talking about perfumes and deodorants, you guys know that I am big lover of these ( kinda addict, you can say). So today in this post, I am going to review an exclusive perfume by All Good Scents i.e. All Good Scents Radiant

All Good Scents is a wonderful scent brand with lots of amazing scents for men and women to offer. Radiant is one among those wonderful perfumes.

Starting my review with notes of this perfume. This perfume has top notes of powdery and lipstick. Middle notes are of Jasmine, Rose and Blossoms while base notes comprise of vanilla and white musk.

Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT
Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT

The fragrance is very strong yet cozy and warm. Its a long lasting perfume. The moment you spray, you’ll feel the fragrance all around you. Top notes of this fragrance last for an hour or two, though heart and base notes lasts for a longer time. The lingering base notes can be felt even after 7 hours. If you are going for an event or party, this fragrance will surely make the heads turned towards you, because of this pleasant smelling fragrance.

Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT
Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT

The bottle of this scent is kinda traditional and easy to use. Many would feel that they would have tried something new with the label rather than simply sticking a paper label, on the bottle.

THOUGH, for me… it was a nice thing and their choice of keeping the bottle simple and sober is good. You see, jazzy, glittery and funky labels are too common for scent bottles. Even simpler things sometimes leaves a long lasting impression. But surely, there is a scope of showing more creativity!

And in this case, the fragrance is totally lovable… I don’t mind what kind of bottle it is, as far as it has that spray button on it. (You see, I hate roll-on and rub-on scent bottles)

Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT
Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT

The first time I wore this scent for a party, everyone asked me about it. I could stop enchanting ‘I love it’, ‘I love it’ in my mind.

Price: 750 INR

You can visit to buy this wonderful scent. The website is easy to navigate and have some really stunning options for men and women, both!

Review: All Good Scents Radiant For Women EDT

And yes, when you visit their website, don’t forget to try Scent-Finder. With the Scent-Finder, by answering some simple questions, you will able to find a perfect scent for you. Its a must try. I got Radiant for myself in this stunning scentfinder thing.

Also, if you want to try out more scents, or may this one too… Go visit Scent-Box. Here you can select three miniatures of scents of your choice at price of INR 165 only. Its a must try!

Overall, I loved Radiant from All Good Scents.

Rating: 5/5

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