Happy Birthday To Me!

So Its my Birthday today (alright, its was… its already 11:40 PM)! First of all, thanks a lot each one of you for flooding my social media accounts, my emails, my inboxes and chats with so many love-filled wishes. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just can’t express how lucky I feel, when readers, followers, fans and friends like you pour so much of love on me. 

Here’s birthday special selfie!!

Anamika Mishra – Birthday Selfie

 I clicked this selfie after my mid-night birthday celebration. Look at my sleepy eyes! Who cares, its my birthday and I am so happy!

I feel really proud in saying that yes YOU are my extended family. Without your constant support, I would not have been able to reach here, where I am right now! For all the thousands of readers, fans and followers from all across the world, a heartfelt THANK YOU from the core of my heart. 
Keep supporting me like this ( and pardon my mistakes) and I promise, I will never ever let you all down! 
Anamika Mishra – Indian Novelist & Blogger
And this little chocolate cup cake, just for you!
Birthday was pretty much fun as always. (Keeping aside the point that I worked for more than 6hours today!) As always, I had a mid-night birthday celebration at 12:00 A.M. and then ate lots of chocolate and finished the whole cake till 3:00 PM. 
If you missed this picture of Instagram, then here’s presenting you my super-yummy chocolate chip cake. It was super-awesome! 
Super Yummy Chocolate Chip Cake – Anamika Mishra
Day went calm and quite well. I got over 98 calls and I missed 50+ calls. I am really sorry for not picking up the calls, I was working. (So sad! I know!)
Evening was fun. I went out for a family outing then came back home at 11 PM. I being a family-oriented person, I always love to celebrate new year with my family. We eat cakes and sweets. This time it was garam garam gajar ka halwa! Y-U-M-M-Y! 
After that, I (tried) to reply each and every message and mail I got. Still, replying to some are left. Now, that… I am going to do tomorrow!
About new years? Well, wait for my next post. I really gotta go!  Good Night!
And yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay Blessed!
Thanks once again! Love you All!
Keep Sweet!

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