I am pretty sure, title of this post must have raised your curiosity! Well, if you guys don’t know… then let me tell you I love to travel by road. My family (including me, of-course) prefers traveling by road than any other means. I have been on really really long road trips and this Kanpur to Mumbai road trip was one among those.

We started this trip from Kanpur at 4 A.M. and reached Ujjain at 6 P.M.!! We saw beautiful temples of Ujjain and explored the city. We took a night halt there! Then, we resumed our trip again at 4 AM next morning and we were in Mumbai by 7:30PM.

This was of-course a family road trip. Me, my mom, my dad, my brother and my Naniji- we 5 were there! I had been on this trip on 2011. That time I had a Hyundai i10 car. And We had gone to Mumbai from Kanpur by road in this car only.

Distance from Kanpur to Mumbai is approximately 1300kms. Highway is good, though you will have to cross some crowded villages with really bad roads. You must carry extra food and water with you, as it is really hard to get good motels and dhabas on that route.

Kanpur to Mumbai distance: 1300kms (approx)

Do’s & Dont’s:

  1. Carry ready-to-eat food with you
  2. You will have to take a night halt, so book a hotel in advance. Ujjain is a good place for night halt.
  3. Water is must. MP is a dry area and it is hard to spot shops to buy stuff. Make sure you carry water with you
  4. Torch is important
  5. Extra stepney for your car

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Here are some photographs that I clicked from that road trip!

Photo Blog: My Road Trip From Kanpur To Mumbai
Once you leave Kanpur city & touch the highway
Photo Blog: My Road Trip From Kanpur To Mumbai
Madhya Pradesh highway scenes
Photo Blog: My Road Trip From Kanpur To Mumbai
When you cross Ujjain
Photo Blog: My Road Trip From Kanpur To Mumbai
Entered Maharashtra , Mumbai 250 KMS to go
Photo Blog: My Road Trip From Kanpur To Mumbai
Inside tunnel

Whole highway was this smooth and lonely, as in the photograph posted above. We hardly spotted another vehicle or shop or motel or dhaba on this way. But yes, it was a good road trip. And being with family on this road trip was a real fun!

Enjoy and Keep travelling!

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