Nainital is one of the easiest getaways for me and my family. We visit Nainital every next month. That’s our little escape. But this time, we decided to stay in Pangot. Pangot is a small village located 15kms away from Nainital in Uttrakhand. It takes approx 1.5 hours to reach Pangot from Nainital as road is really narrow. If you are a photography lover or nature enthusiast like me, you are surely going to love Pangot. It’s a peaceful and serene place.

Short Escape To Pangot, Uttarakhand + Reasons To Visit

Short Escape To Pangot, Uttarakhand + Reasons To Visit

There are trekking paths, old bridges, ruins of huts, rivers and rocks, that is just perfect for trekking. There is also a bridge which you’ll see when you are about to reach Pangot. It’s approx 15mins away from the village and connects 2 huge mountains. That is the best place to trek. You can jump across the bridge and follow a thin pathway beside the river, which takes you inside the jungle, amidst the huge and beautiful Himalayas. That pathway has probably been made by the villagers living their.

I predict, the villagers living in the Pangot village visit this area and collect water from the water to use. I discovered this place when I had been on a trekking trip with my family. If you really are an adrenaline junkie (just like me) then you must must visit jungle of Pangot village for trekking amidst Himalayas and feel the serenity and beauty of nature by yourself.

Short Escape To Pangot, Uttarakhand + Reasons To Visit

River you’ll cross

Short Escape To Pangot, Uttarakhand + Reasons To Visit

View from the terrace of a dhaba

I also met 2 Nat Geo photographers who were on some assignments. John and Mike, both have been living in India since last 4 years and love India and it’s varied natural beauty like anything. They told us that their love capturing Himalayas. How lucky!

Well, I totally recommend you to visit this small yet wonderful village. I stayed in a resort called The Nest Cottages. It’s a nice cosy resort with decent rooms.

Best time to visit is September, Oct & Nov.

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