10 (Not So Popular) Christmas Books You Must Read This Holiday Season

10 (Not So Popular) Christmas Books You Must Read This Holiday Season
Guys, you too agree that books are the best friend to keep entertained throughout! During the whole month of December I like to wrap myself in the warm blanket and sit in my bed with the Christmas books in my hands. The different books related to the stories of the various interesting topics in relation to the celebration and the reason of celebrating Christmas, is really wonderful. These books are truly blissful to read.
If you haven’t read any Christmas books or are planning buy some Christmas books to read this holiday season, then here’s presenting you the list of 10 Christmas Books You Must Read This Holiday Season.

10 (Not So Popular) Christmas Books You Must Read This Holiday Season
10 Christmas Books You Must Read This Holiday Season:
1) The gift of the Magi – In the story revolves around the concept of gifting your loved ones by sacrificing your most wanted possession. (Okay! This one is popular I know 🙂 )
2) Silent night by Juliet Groom– this book includes the classic tale of Christmas and the famous carols like “silent night holy night all is calm all is bright”
3) Bears stay up for Christmas by Karma Wilson– The story tells about the bear who wants to sleep in the night before Christmas, but his friends make various pranks to keep him awake.
4) The Mitten by Jan Brett– is the stories about the animals, snows and forests where the mitten is lost.
5) Christmas Oranges by Linda Bethers– is also a fabulous collection of stories of a young girl and her dreams.
6) The Donkey’s Christmas song by Nancy Tafuri– is the tale of how the donkey and his family sing in front of a new born child who is very special.
7) A wish to a Christmas tree by Colleen Monroe – is the story of the pine tree and how his other friends behave during the month of Christmas.
8) Queen of Christmas by Mary Engelbreit– is the tale of a little girl who is the queen and memorizes the things to be done in Christmas.
9) The Christmas Train by M. Thomas– It is also the true story of Christmas train got electrified in the morning of Christmas.
10) A Christmas dress for Ellen by Thomas– This book narrates the tale of the beautiful dress which has been sent to Ellen in 25th December.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I am pretty sure, the books and short blurbs must have increased your curiosity of reading these books. Do share you favorite Christmas or holiday reads with me! I would love to know your choice!! 

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