10 Best Workouts Android Apps

10 Best Workouts Android Apps for Healthy Living

10 Best Workouts Android Apps
10 Best Workouts Android Apps

10 Best Workouts Android Apps for Healthy Living

Now-a-days we don’t find time to look after ourselves. We are busy in our career, business social lives. But we forget to look after our own health. I remember that line which my mother use to say always stay blessed= stay healthy. If you are healthy then you will be blessed in every field of your concern. We know all theses right? We know how we can stay healthy. We know what are the advantages and disadvantages.

But when we know everything then why we don’t step ahead to do something for it. After all it’s the matter of our own goodness. Do we people are lazy? Or we just think that looking after is only for the sick? Aren’t we sick? Well you have to ask yourself.

If you feel you can’t get time to look after your own health then go through this post I am sure you will find one or the other way to stay blessed.

10 Best Workouts Android Apps for Healthy Living

Workouts are not only for those who are overweight. But this is the way you can remain healthy and active for a day long. This app is quite a user friendly. It acts a trainer in a particular way. It contains free as well as some premium paid workout programs. You can choose according to your will. It provides you step by step instruction in audio, video and images form. You can follow them easily at your home.

2) Minute Workout

If you don’t have much time for the morning session. You can go for this app. Its name reflects what it does. You just need to give a 7 min to this app and this app will help you to stay healthy and in shape. It is based on HIIT.HIIT implies High Intensity Interval Training. It includes 12 exercises to be done in 7 minutes; 30 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds break in between. Install the app.

3) Pocket yoga

You don’t need a workout or if you are old and sick enough to avoid these breathtaking programs. You can opt for this app then. It will help you to give peaceful mornings which will energies you. This app is based on ancient Indian routine proven to be much more effective than our modern workouts.

4) Run keeper

Special app which tracks your GPS (req internet) to track your runs, walks, bike rides and much more. Not only that, it also counts the calories you’ve burned through your physical activities.

5) Runtasctic Heart Rule

Want to know if your heart is beating at normal rate? Then this application will help you to do so.. It is suggested to install this app in conjunction with any fitness app for maximum benefits. Download heart rate app.

6) Squats Workout

This app is specially for those who want to give a shape to their muscles. This special app will not only count the no: of squats you perform, but also calculates the calories you burn during the period.

7) Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts

Sporty enough to have a sweating session daily? Then this app going to be your fitness expert. You don’t need to go to gym just install this app and you are ready to go. This app provides you pre captured 100 exercise with all the necessary instructions. You can track your BMI, fat % and your strength using the inbuilt tools.

8) 30 days fitness challenge

Each challenge features an instructional video to teach you the correct (and safe) way to do each exercise. Track your results over the course of the month and share them on your favorite social media platform. I am not sure about this app. actually I am not sure whether you will complete all the challenges honestly. 😛

9) Map My Run

If running is your go-to fitness activity, take a look at Map My Run. This handy tool does much more than just tracks your distance. The app computes your pace and heart rate, and it updates real time stats as you work out.

10) Fitness Buddy

Choose from more than 75 customizable workouts, 1,000 videos, and 1,700 exercises to find the one that matches your lifestyle, goals, and fitness level. Over 4,000 photos help you learn the right way to exercise without the threat of injury.

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