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I am back with yet again a brand new post on Diwali preparations. I am sure your preparations must be going in a full swing. Full day must be going in buying clothes, jewellery, sweets, snacks, accessories, diwali gifts, crackers, diyas, candles and what not.

Today we have so many light d├ęcor items during diwali that it becomes hard to choose the right one. So colorful and with so much creativity and designs with small glittering lights and colorful 
combinations. Well, in olden days and today too, diyas have been the traditional ways of decorations during diwali. We put diyas over the terrace lining and in every room, also at the main entrance and at the dining tables too.

I love decorating my home with diyas on diwali and making designs out of them. You can do the same too.

Buy colorful and beads embedded diyas to decorate your houses with. You can also buy scented diyas which give an aroma while lighting. You can get designer thalis or plates which can hold around few diyas and then keep them in every room. Peacock shaped, leaf shaped, or with different Gods and Goddesses carved out of stones are embedded on such plates.

You can make Swastika or Om sign at your door entrance by using few diyas and decorating them in the same fashion. You can also buy few baskets of diyas which can hold diyas and then you can hang those baskets around your room or at the entrance or in the porch area.

I have also posted few pictures below which can be a good illustration for the diwali diya  decorations. Have a look at them and let me know if you have more ideas worth sharing.

Best Diwali Diya Designs:

Diwali Diya Design

Diwali Diya Design

Diwali Diya Design

Diwali Diya Design

 image source: pinterest.com

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