We all love cards, especially girls and especially ME. It is a nice gesture to give a card along with the gift. It always makes the receiver feel special. So I thought why not make diwali cards this time. And yes, I am talking about making such cards at home by ourselves. Handmade diwali cards have their own speciality because it shows the person that how special he or she is to you because you made them a card on your own.

In your leisure time, when you are free from diwali shopping and preparations, you can always pitch in to make beautiful handmade diwali cards. For this you can buy the accessories like ribbons, colored sheets, cardboards, card paper, sparkles, glitters etc from the market. I will tell you ways in which you can make a pretty diwali greeting card on your own.

Handmade Diwali Greeting Card Ideas:

•We can cut out card paper in the shape of a big diya itself and write special message inside. You can then put ribbon on the sides and beautify the card using glitters.

•You can also buy colors from the market and make a rangoli on the card. Place some glue on the card so that the rangoli does not spread.

•You can stick some crackers on the card inside and out and write a message along with it.

•You can buy Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi stickers to stick on the card and draw Om or Swastik sign inside with a special diwali message.

•If it for your husband or wife, you can always stick a photograph from the last diwali with you two in it. It will surely bring a smile on your better half’s face.

•Write some diwali moments that you had with the one you are going to gift the card. It will surely make them feel special that you cherished the memories.

•You can create small diyas and decorate them with glitters and beads and then stick these diyas all over the card.

•Make a graffiti card by spraying some rangoli colors on it and making a design out of it.

For more beautiful handmade diwali card designs and ideas, have a look at the designs/ideas that I have accumulated below and let me know your views/takeaways on these.

Handmade Diwali Cards:

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards

handmade diwali cards


image source: pinterest.com

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