Trending Colors Of Navratri

Trending Colors Of Navratri + Outfit Tips For You For Navratri

Trending Colors Of Navratri

Navratri not only depicts the start of the season of festivities but also trending fashion during the festival. All along the 9 days, there’s a trend of celebrating each day with much more zeal. Thus we need to take care of our attires too that not only go in rhythm with the festival but also make us look elegant during these days.

Trending Colors Of Navratri
Trending Colors Of Navratri | image:googleplaystore

There’s a dance ritual also associated with this festival i.e. Garba Dance. So we need to look rocking on dance floors too. Lets indulge ourselves completely in festive mood and let our choice of dress color amaze others. So here’s presenting you the list of 9 different and vibrant colors if you want to look glamorous.

White – white color is very much revelant in this season as many ladies prefer wearing red and white combo sarees and it suits the occasion too.

Red – red is the color of royalty so why not try red too with some light shade like white.

Elegant green – on the second auspicious day, go green with different shades.

Dull gray – dull gray with bright contrasting colors would also look awesome.

Orange – the best color suited for a festival season.

Blue – blue would also suit as you near the end of festival. Royal blue attracts anyone’s attention easily.

Bright yellow – start your day1 with bright shiny yellow to depict you are in full mood to start your celebrations.

Pink – ladies would love to wear an attire in pink as its many of their favourites.

Purple – try an Indian outfit in purple color and you would look different from the rest of the people, attracting everyone’s attention.

Hope these list of Trending Colors of Navratri will help you pick the right outfit, decor item, gift item, home furnishing item etc that matches up with the Navratri theme well !!

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