SuperMoon 2016

Moon Photography : 7 Tips For Better Moon Photos

Last night, It was a full moon night and you all know how much I love it. I was all set in my balcony with a Camera, to capture the beauty of Full Moon. After such a long time, I had a full-moon photography session and trust me it was really a fun-filled one! Today I am going to share my 7 secret tips for better moon pictures. Hope these tips would help you in clicking beautiful moon pictures.

7 Tips For Better Moon Pictures:

#1- Time plays a very important role. City lights and noise can ruin your photos. It is better to click moon pictures late night. I usually prefer 11:00 P.M. IST onwards for clicking moon pictures.

#2- Have a firm grip on your camera. Clicking a moon picture might be tricky. You can use a tripod stand too. This is to prevent your picture from getting blurred and shaky. If you are on a walk and doing photography at night, try resting your camera on a rock or fence or a wall.

#3- Never use self-timer or automatic-click. This will not help! Do it manually, adjust the focus and click!!

#4- Do not zoom much. People often zoom to maximum in order to capture the craters and dots in the moon. But zooming hardly helps. Zoom to necessary extent.

#5- Use a telephoto lens. Its best for moon photography. If focal length of it is 500mm, its good… you can also capture good detail with 300mm focal length too.

#6- Don’t use auto mode to click moon pictures. You can follow ‘Loony 11′ rule i.e. Shooting at f/11 at 1/ISO OR You can try Antonio Marques’ rule for moon photography i.e. Aperture at f/11, ISO 100, 1/125 to 1/250

#7- Remember, it is all about your hands and your eye to click the best shot. It is not about costly DSLR, you can click good moon pictures from your digital camera too.

So, these were moon photography tips for beginners. And here’s sharing the best moon picture I have clicked till date.

SuperMoon 2016


Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon
Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon

Remember, practice regularly to attain perfection and keep clicking things around you.

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