Best WhatsApp Status For Friendship Day

So, the friendship day has finally arrived. People, you must have started planning something special for your best friends? Right? Me too!! This time, I have some really special ideas for my bestie. And ehh, I am not going to disclose here. Why? Because my bestie is also a regular reader of my blog. With WhatsApp wishes trending all over the world, today I decided to share some of the best WhatsApp Status for friendship day. You can update these status on your whatsapp in order to wish you (long) friendlist, a happy friendship day!!

Best WhatsApp Status For Friendship Day
Best WhatsApp Status For Friendship Day |

So, I won’t talk much in this post. Scroll Down and Read On!!

WhatsApp Status For Friendship Day

– Time Changes, Friendship Doesn’t !! Happy Friendship Day!!

– Wishing YOU, Yes YOU the one reading this status- a Happy Friendship Day

– YOU are like a star in my dark night! HFD!

– My Friends are My Life!! Happy Friendship Day!!

– I am glad to have YOU in my life dear friend. Happy Friendship Day!

– Say YAY, Coz It’s friendship DAY!!

– ~~~(&)~~~ Please accept this small friendship band for you. HFD!

– Life without friends, is like Tea with Tea Leaves!! Happy Friendship Day

– You give meaning to my life, dear #NameOfYourBestFriend !! HFD!!

– Friends add spice to the life! Happy Friendship Day.

– Life is LifeLess Without Friends!! Happy Friendship Day!

– Happy Friendship Day Dosto!!

– Naughty or Nice, You All Are My Priceless Friends! Happy Friendship Day!!

So, these were some of the best Happy Friendship Day status for your WhatsApp!! Hope you like them all. Do share it with your friends!!
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