Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Aloe Vera Review

-Submitted by Monica Mukherjee

Today my post is about very old and renowned Ayur herbal massage cream with aloe-vera review.

Before 21st century we were not aware of much brand for skin routine. We were confined to few international and bunch of national brands. Ayur is one of them. It is a very old and trustful brand. I remember those days when my mother use to go for “ ayur wala facial” 😛 back those days there were very less options available for facial. Ayur was the best and cheap among all. Today I am gonna review it. I want to remind all beautiful ladies their old times and girls to know the benefits of an old herbal brand.

Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Aloe Vera Review
Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Aloe Vera Review

What it claims?

Ayur Herbals massage cream with aloe vera prevents ageing and dehydration of skin. It’s a special herbal cream for massage. It has extra moisturising properties & imparts a glow to skin. It nourishes and rejuvenates sagging skin. The extra oil helps in increasing blood circulation.

What I felt?

To be frank, I have not used much of Ayur products. I bought this one for the winters. This cream is like any other facial cream in consistency but I felt it so greasy that I avoid using it as a facial cream. I have tried it once for facial. I think it doesn’t suited my skin type. It has made my skin so oily. If you have super dry skin then this cream can prove to be best for you, else don’t try it as a facial cream. I have used this like my body cream. It effectively nourishes the dry part like elbows and knee.

Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Aloe Vera Review
Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Aloe Vera Review

Apart from the oily result, I didn’t find any rejuvenating effects. This cream fails to do what it claims. I think many other brand are available now after all we have entered the 21st century. So go and pick some thing else if you want anti-aging effect.

If I put this cream only for dry skin then I think it is the best remedy. It will naturally restore your oil and never let your skin to dehydrate if you regularly use it as a massage cream. I have doubt over its anti-ageing effect. Apart from it is neither so good nor so bad.

Price: INR 50 for 80ml


Best for dry skin
Provides shine and glow to skin
Prevents dehydration of skin
Travel friendly
Pocket friendly


Bad option for other than dry skin type
Left with oily and darker looking skin
No anti-aging effect
No rejuvenating effect
Contains paraben along with herbal ingredients]
Aloe vera does nothing except attracting people to buy it

Rating: 3/5

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