7 Monsoon Safety Tips from Water Borne Diseases

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The cool splashes and the awesome drizzles tend to make every one sit and rest beside the window all day. I do not feel like doing anything when it rains. All water and water around, I hate to step out for any kind of work in the rain. 
As water gets accumulated in the rocks and roads there is also increase in the number of insects like mosquitoes and flies which can carry pathogens and harmful microbes. So be very careful and do not let water get accumulated inside or around your house in this season. 
7 Monsoon Safety Tips from Water Borne Diseases
 image courtesy: Widjit Raya M
Dengue, cholera, dysentery, typhoid are all on the rise in this rainy months. Make sure that you always carry your own water bottle when travelling, and do not drink any unsafe or uncovered water. Always use a purifier and water guard and safe guaranteed water purifier for your house. Clean the utensils or bottles regularly if water is stored, and cover it. Take bath in clean and fresh water. Use antiseptics in the water to bath. 
Make sure you clean every utensil with disinfectant before eating. Wash every vegetable and fruits you eat thoroughly. Never eat outside cut fruits or watery substances like juice, lemonade or golgappas which has no surety o water purification. 
The below given 7 safety tips in the monsoon will help to tackle the water borne diseases:
1.    Drinking purified and safe water always
2.    Using water safeness and purification guaranteed water purifier at home
3.    Washing utensils with disinfectants before storing water
4.    Covering the container of water
5.    No accumulation of water inside and around the house
6.    Cleaning vegetables and fruits thoroughly
7.    Using antiseptic liquid in the bucket of water for bathing
As we all know with the onset of the monsoon the water borne diseases are on high rise. The harmful microbes like bacteria and viruses multiple in numbers and tends to infect our body through water. Precautions to drink safe and purified water through good and suitable purifier are strictly recommended in this season.
 Submitted By: Mrs. B. Ojha

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