15 Things That Make Your School Friends So Special

School friends are really special. They have the charm and charisma of their own. And why not? We use to spend whole of our day with them when we were in school. We have lived that age of innocence with them. We have grown up with them. 

Thinking about school time, feeling nostalgic and missing those days of super-fun- this is something that we all go through every now and then. Expecially when we see our little cousins going on school picnic, our neighborhood school boy waiting for his school bus in the morning, or group of school kids crossing the road together holding hands after their school to reach their rickshaw. 


There are endless things that make our school friends special. Today, I am going to share the best 15.

Here are the best 15 points that make your school friends so special:
1- They are the ones who know your exact (and real) marks in your class tests. And of-course, they are your partners in crime (especially when you have to hide about your class test scores etc. from your parents) You blindly trusted on them and they never let you down.
2- They were with you when you felt hungry in between the classes and they use to eat food with you hiding behind/beneath the bench and books.
3- They were your ‘friends’ when you hardly knew what exactly the word ‘friends’ mean.
4- They have seen you punished. Some actually must have got punished with you… But still, they loved you.
5- They were never embarrass of walking with you, despite how fat or thin you were. 
6- They have seen you without makeup and before your personality groomed. 
7- Being a back-bencher was no less than a victory, with them
8- They were the only source of fun during the boring morning assemblies
9- They selflessly shared their homework with you. They sometimes wrote your assignments when you simply have forgotten to!! And best part was, they never scolded you for that. 
10- They understood your sign language. And yes, your words were not required. You guys just looked at one another and your conversation was complete. 
11- They have played ‘FLAMES’, ‘Love Percentage’, ‘Check your feelings’ etc. games with you endless times and they never got bored of it. 
12- They never made promises to be together, but they were always with you in your highs and lows, bests and worsts!!
13- You guys have same teacher-crush and still you didn’t fought.
14- The joy of buying a new PEN and designer PENCIL doubled with them. They were felt jealous of you.
15- You still can’t behave in the same way with your college friends etc. as you do with your school buddies. You are simply YOU when you with your school buddies. 
Done with 15 points.. Okay, just one more.. And this one is my favorite…
16- You use to decide the time and meet friends in other sections, in between the classes. You did anything to convince your teacher- ‘Ma’am, I badly want to go to the washroom’, ‘Sir, I’ve got head-ache. Please let me go to the dispensary’, ‘Sir, I really need to drink water. My throat is choking!!’ etc etc. Then you spend over 20 minutes standing and talking there near the washrooms, water-coolers etc. That was THE MOST fun and daring thing you did. And if not caught by any other teacher, you walked like the KING in front of your other class mates. 
My school friends are really special. No other friends can replace them. Right now I am feeling very nostalgic. I am surely gonna ping my school friends as soon as I am done with publishing this post. And one thing more, you say or not? You are also feeling the same. You miss your school days. That is why you are never bored of watching ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ (Bollywood Movie), ‘MP3’ (Bollywood Movie) or ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ (TV Serial)
School days can’t last forever, but you can surely maintain that charm and spark by being in touch with your school friends and spending time with them. After all, you can simply be yourself when you are with them. You need not wear a mask of perfection in front of them…

Feel free to share this post with your school buddies. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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