12 things you will understand if you have siblings

Having siblings is the best thing in the world. Its truly a blessing.
I have 1 elder bro. And he is more like a friend to me than brother. Yes, at times he behaves like a typical big brother but that is a justified, totally acceptable and genuine behavior.

Siblings are best friends

If you have siblings, you don’t have to look for a friend/best friend to hang out, share stuff and eat food!! Here are the 12 things that only people who have siblings would understand and would surely agree!!

Oh Yeah!! So, what are you waiting for? Go on, read and share with your siblings.

1- Fighting for TV remote and winning that fight makes you feel like the king of this world.

2- Your elder brother or sister will always treat you like a pampered baby though they will tease you for the way you walk, talk and how you look. At times, its fun to argue back and at times, they can tease you till you cry!!

3- Your younger sibling will be your personal assistant, and you get your work done always just by reminding them that ‘I am your elder sister/brother na? You should do this baby!! It’s good manners’

4- When you are unwell, they will care like mom and dad. They will crack jokes to make you smile and will cheer you up by giving you ice-creams to eat secretly. 😉

5- You always have a friend to hang out and explore street food in your city.

6- Family holidays become more interesting and enjoyable with your sibling.

7- No matter what is your age, you are never a ‘mature’ person for your elder bro. or sis.

8- They will protect you from all your problems. You have a permanent problem solver with you, and that problem solver is your elder sibling.

9- In all highs and lows, siblings are the ones who stay back, hold you back and make you a stronger person by teaching you superb or silly life lessons.

10- If you are elder, you cheat while playing games, you say- “its a ‘rule’ and you don’t know” and your younger sibling will never be able to catch your tricky move!! 😉

11- And yes, most importantly if your elder sibling will try tricks that you will not be able to do!! This always make you loose your favorite chocolate, last pizze piece or Tv remote.

12- No matter what, at the end of the day they will love you, support you and make you smile.

Hope you enjoyed and must have related these 12 things if you have a sibling. Do share it with your brothers and sisters!!

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