15 benefits of having a Guy best-friend for Girls

Being a girl, people will tell you that it is impossible to have a guy best friend. I totally disagree with this. I am a girl and I have a guy best friend. (I have a girl best friend too.) In this post, I am going to share the benefits of having a Guy best-friend. Take this post as a fun one. (Duh-Uh, you can take it seriously too… All of these points are TRUE)

Best friends are forever.

I am sure if you are girl and have a boy best friend, you will surely agree and relate these amazing points that I am going to list below.

Okay now, read on-share with your best friends and have a nice time.

1- He is never jealous of your new expensive dress, bag or shoes

2- People around you will think that you both are dating, but actually you are not. This gives you both a reason laugh out loudly, every time someone gives you a weird they-both-are-dating look. Ehh thats really a funny moment.

3- Guys are good listeners. They are always there for you, when you want to blah-say-out stuff cooking inside your head.

4- You can call them at the mid-night to ask help from them. Most common one is the laptop-not-working-properly problem.

5- Boys are protective than girls.

6- Guys are always on for any ill-logical conversation at anytime.

7- You can try crazy stuff with your guy best friend and you don’t have to worry about people around you reacting in a weird way. They will handle everything.

8- They can handle your worst. They will make you smile during your sad times and heartbreaks. They never get dramatic when you become more melodramatic.

9- They will not get mad at you when you will say ‘Talk to you later’, or ‘I am not in a mood to talk right now’. They actually understand you.

10- They are your tutor for non-girly topics like cars, bikes, alcohol, cigarettes, politics etc.

11- They will help you in lying with someone just to take you out from a problem, but once the problem is solved- be ready for a good scolding.

12- Your best friend and you brother get glued together when it comes to tease you. They both know your silly willy habits and they love to tease you.

13- You can freely discuss about your favorite hollywood action movies. Girls react weirdly on hearing that you went to watch a hollywood action movie in the theater rather than going for a newly released kiddy-college-bollywood-romance movie.

14- You have an ever ready punching bag and they never mind you shouting on them. Because they know that you will be fine after shouting. They understand that when you are happy and you hug them, then you have a right to shout-out when you are sad.

15- They are always there for you. And you can rely on them for anything.

Hope you all enjoyed reading these. Do share it with your boy besties.


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