1 Minute Reading : O' Lord - A Small Prayer For Better Life

1 Minute Reading : O’ Lord – A Small Prayer For Better Life

Praying is an important part of my life. I am highly spiritual in nature who believe in God and his amazing powers. I also believe in the power of universe. Therefore, I pray everyday. I suggest you too should pray everyday. It can do wonders in your life. Last night, while working on my book (when I was composing a poem for it) I began writing a poem. It’s a small poem which can also be recited as a prayer or affirmation.
Small Prayer For Better Life
1 Minute Reading : O’ Lord – A Small Prayer For Better Life | Image:tumblr

I hope you like it!

O’ Lord, Give us strength,
to face all the highs and lows.

O’ Lord, Give us power,
to face all the problems.

O’ Lord, Let our hurdles,
be removed by itself.

O’ Lord, increase our will power,
to live life in a better way.

O’ Lord, bless us and our loved ones,
with health and joy!


P.S: Do not copy/paste/re-use without permission, though you can always share it with the ones you care for.

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