5 Easy Peasy Tips To Organize Your Dresser

Organizing our closet seems like a priority during weekends. It is indeed very important. But while we take care of our closet, we usually forget to organize our dresser. Our dresser in important too. It is very easy to organize a dresser and keep it clutter-free. Want to know how to organize your dresser?

5 Easy Peasy Tips To Organize Your Dresser
5 Easy Peasy Tips To Organize Your Dresser

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Avoid Stacking:

Don’t stack T-shirts, rather organize them according to their colors, so that you can easily take out your required item without disrupting the other clothes.


Every weekend or every second weekend, empty your drawers and put the things again properly. Refold all your clothes and put them accordingly.

Use containers:

Using containers in your drawers is a good idea. It help in holding the small things, like watches, necklaces, accessories, ties, bows etc. You can also use a large bowl to hold items.

Pick dividers:

If you dresser or drawer is big, try using a divider. Its a fab idea.

Store Candles:

Place a candle in your dresser. This will help in keeping your clothes and other stuff smelling good. If not candles, use a soap bar.

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