You Never Knew But Pets Are Really Good Listeners

Do you have a pet? do you often feel like talking to him & telling him something which you don’t want to share it with anyone?
Many of us, loves to do this. Especially when you get a cute and adorable look from your pet when you say a word to them.
And how can you forget those big puppy eyes…

Ronnie – World’s cutest dog ever!! 

A survey has prompt that almost all females think about their pets to be higher listeners than their partners.

Galaxy analysis survey, conducted for Woolworths Pet Insurance, found that sixty three % female pet owners rated their dog or cat as higher listeners than their partner, reports.

The analysis conjointly found that forty three % of girls wish to cuddle their pet before greeting anyone else in their house.

This is just because the pets have that aura of love around them which ends to attract the pet-owners. These pet also respond to the positive and negative words of the owner.

If you are sad, you dog will definitely sit beside you and try to cuddle you and make you spit out what is going through your mind.
Say it either god gifted or anything, but pets are really good listeners. And I feel really proud to have Ronnie in my life!! 

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