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5 Best Free Android Games – My Favorites!

Android Games
Android Games

Don’t you love to sit back alone and play some amazing games on your smart phone? I love playing games. I remember those days of Mario and the jungle book. Well those days are gone. But now we are in new world of gadgets and here you have lot of options which are far better than the old traditional games. Here I have listed 5 best free android games for your android gadgets. I have played and loved these games. I am sure, you are going to love them too!

5 Best Free Android Games
1- Hay Day
This is the most amazing and addictive game I have ever played. I used to be a farmville addict previously, but then I lost interest in facebook and stopped logging in there, and so, I had to say bye to my farm on farmville too! But then I discovered Hay Day in google play store. This is no wonder the best game to kill time. It is a free farming game that has made me addicted to it. I am sure, you are going to love it too! Give it a try, if you have played and liked farmville previously!
Download it HERE
2- Angry Birds
This game is absolutely free. It is one the popular game which you will find in every second android gadget. Why I have put this on the first of our list , because I love this game. May be some you are bored of this game but still it owes a place at the top of the list. It has got a series of games under different heads. I don’t think I need to elaborate much about this game. You can simply download it HERE.
3- Candy Crush Saga
I have tried to list out best free games and candy crush is one of them. Its quite girly game. Well I called it girly because it looks so cute. It has got a amazing features and graphics full of colour and candies. It is an insanely popular game that a lot of people enjoy even if it is a little simple. It prolongs up to 400 levels and a “difficult to master” game play. You can also join your friends and challenge them through its facebook integration. Get it HERE
4- Temple Run 2
If you haven’t tried this game before then please stop browsing and go download this game now. This game was a revolution in its own way. But now-a-days it’s losing its popularity, but millions are there who just love it like me. Temple Run 2 is a modified version and got many features which are improvement over the original one. Get it HERE
5- Subway Surfer
This game is again like the temple run, features are almost same, only the basic are different. In this game you have to collect coins and run as far as you can. I love the way it allows you to swing over the trains. I don’t know when I will get over from this. Try out it HERE.
img source-google play store

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