How Important A Blog Is For Authors
How Important A Blog Is For Authors

How Important A Blog Is For Authors?

I believe blog is very important for every author for sharing the news and happenings of the day to day to world. I am blogging since my school time. Means it has been over 7 years since I started blogging. This was my hobby blog until I became a published author and realized the importance and worth of blogging.

As an author like me I find the importance of blog in my writing career. Blog helps me to develop the very presence of writers like me in the websites. Blogging has given me the awesome scope and has opened numerous doors as an author. Blogging my novels and stories along with alternative advantage of writing for other topics of the blogs I got number of likes and positive reviews. This made me earn more and get recognition all across the world in very less time.

You can feel the pace and the momentum of moving forward and improving day by day for the continuity in your work driven by the demand and the likes of followers in your blogging sites. You will surely love tow write more when you are appreciated by others. The urge to be perfect and most efficient in writing will make you surely make your dream come true to be a 5 star author.

Editors and columnist can even invite you to write for their website which will create new venues and opportunities for sharing and writing with other professional writers. You can even create your own website and link the blogs and articles along with the additional news provided for the new novel written or in process. Prospective agents may come across the websites and provide feedback and credibility for the novel.

You can meet other writers and you can also you have a voice to share the stories and successes with the subscribers. The important thing while blogging which writers should concentrate is that the content must be reader’s content and attractive. The theme must be common and very realistic.

So blog is a great platform for authors where the words are put into the pages, share news updates, views and verdicts.

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