Just when I thought…

I often come across such moments in my life when I think ‘okay, now I won’t get to live those moments again’ and moment I think this something happens which brings a 100watt smile on my face!

Today also, I was wondering that now as I’m busy in my life, in my work and writings, I don’t think I will be able to re-live those special moments when my friends use to do something special to make me smile and brighten’ up my face.
And just when I thought this, my phone blinked. There was a message on whatsapp from a very old friend of mine which said “Gosh Anamika! I didn’t know that you write so well. I just finished reading your novel Too hard to handle and I must say well done. Your ‘spark of the event’ winning moment was just too good to read. I felt like I was back in that year standing next to you when this was being announced. You truly deserve a hats-off!! Loved the novel yaar”
And then I saw his display pic, It was our group pic of 1st year in college.

I replied ‘thanks a lot’ and then we discussed few more things which he liked about the novel.

After the chat, I went to check out the status’ of my friends and saw three status’ (including his) which were about Too hard to handle and me.

It was a big time surprising moment for me! I never expected this from ANYONE, neither any of my friends who claim to be close friends did something like this for me.

Though it was indeed a small gesture of expression but it truly brightened up my face. I have checked their status’ many times since then, they are still there.
I don’t check whatsapp status’ very often but I think I should start checking them frequently… πŸ˜‰

But I’m really happy and thankful to God that there are still some friends who care to do so, else most of my friends are either busy in flattering or envying or they are just BUSY!!

Take care & stay blessed πŸ™‚

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Anamika. AApki likhai ka vakai jvab nahin hai. Sach mein dil se likhti hai aapn aur vo padhne waale ko samaj ata hain. Insha allah aapki zendagi me aur moments ayenge jo aapko muskuraane me majboor kar denge aur behad khushnasseb hai vo log jo aapke karib hai. aapka blog padh ke baht accha laga. Keep on writing and take care. good luck. Allah apko barkat de πŸ™‚

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